Our Tea Pouch

Our Artisanal Hand-Stitched Tea Bags

In ancient traditions around the world, a freshly brewed pot filled with whole tea leaves is revered as the richest in character. Inspired by this legacy, Mighty Leaf specially created the silken Tea Pouch filled with the world’s finest whole tea leaves, herbs, fruits and flavor. No longer was it necessary to brew a pot of tea and use a strainer or an infuser to experience whole leaf tea the way it's enjoyed in tea gardens around the world!

Each portion of whole leaf tea is precisely measured and carefully wrapped in one of our signature, hand-stitched tea pouches. These large, silken tea bags showcase the distinctive beauty and unique character of our bestselling blends. They give the tea leaves room to unfurl as they steep, allowing the nuanced flavors to fully infuse for the ideal tea experience.

Besides the beautiful leaves you’ll notice that our sachets have a lot of tea inside. Typically our pouches contain about two and a half grams of tea, which allows you to brew a large cup of tea (between 12oz to 14oz).

Each tea bag is hand stitched with 100% unbleached cotton. The silken material is made from polylactic acid (PLA), which is derived from corn starch. The pouches are biodegradable and can be composted in an industrial composter.


UNBLEACHED COTTON - Each tea bag is stitched with 100% unbleached cotton using a proprietary process

SPACE TO UNFURL – Adequate space is given for the tea leaves to unfurl, culminating in a richer, more full-bodied cup..

NO GLUE OR STAPLES – Unlike other brands, we do not use staples or glue to seal our pouches.

WHOLE LEAVES, HERBS & SPICES - We use the highest quality whole leaf tea, not “tea dust” or C-T-C found in paper bag teas.

COMMERCIALLY COMPOSTABLE1 – Tea pouches™ are crafted of 100% polyactic corn based commercially compostable material and 100% biodegradable. In 2006, we were awarded “Best New Product Packaging” for our pouches from SCAA.

BREW TIME – Our labels indicate brew time for each blend.

1For more information on what commercial compostability means, see our FAQs.