• Teapot: QDO: Vea
  • Teapot: QDO: Vea
Mighty Leaf

Teapot: QDO: Vea

$35.95 CAD

Vea Teapot is a 1L porcelain teapot with a side handle and includes a tea filter. The classic porcelain teapot has been transformed into a modern design with a comfortable handle. 

The design language is classic and simple. The mixure of materials in heat resistance glass, silicone handle/ stopper and plastic filter is contrast to the classical material concept. This new and unique design application makes this teapot to have a special glow.

It comes with a plastic filter. After tea steeping in the filter, you raise the filter and put the stopper back on the teapot. The filter and stopper are easily disassembled and cleaned. 

The silicone handle provides heat insulation function

Dishwasher safe.